Residential Architectural Design & Management

Caswell Custom Home Design Inc.

At CCH Designs Inc. we provide complete concept design development, through to final construction drawings.

Custom Home Design

who we are

We take the design you want and make it yours – 100%. No one person is like another – why should your home be? Your home should be a reflection of who you are and your unique personality and lifestyle.


CCH Designs Inc. creates "Custom Home Plans", using industry leading 3D software.  

At CCH Designs Inc. we have been helping clients like you create the home of their dreams.  We believe in incorporating energy efficient design, and take pride in being a local leader and distributor for Thermapan SIP panels.

Consulting & Project Managment


Working with clients, we offer a customized turnkey management service. Through the years we have built strategic relationships with leading planners, engineering firms, and sub-contractors which enable us to meticulously oversee every detail in your home construction.  Planning - Commissioning - Construction.